Clouds Double Cover Umbrella
Clouds with Black Double Cover Umbrella

This inside-out inverted umbrella is a new design in umbrellas where the frame opens in reverse. This design leaves the water inside the umbrella when it is closed so the outside stays dry.

The unique design is handy when getting in and out of vehicles or entering and exiting doors in the rain. It can be opened or closed through a small gap so you can stay dry.

This quality umbrella is made with a fibreglass shaft and has 8 x flexible fibreglass ribs. It has a trendy handle. The fabric and print are also high quality.

This umbrella has a double skin, the outer layer is black with the cloud print on the underside.

This umbrella has free shipping.

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Renoir – The Boating Party
Renoir – The Boating Party

This stick umbrella is manufactured with a top quality frame, premium polyester fabric with a stunning designer print.

It is constructed with a wooden shaft, wooden end with a brass ferrule and has 8 flexible fibreglass ribs.

It has a WINDPROOF Frame. Manual opening.

This premium umbrella comes with a 2 year warranty

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Dolphin Wall Art
Dolphin Wall Art

Dolphin Wall Art
Metal, galvanised and painted.

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